Oikos Summer House Eucharists

Summer is a great time to experiment with new traditions, and the Summer House Eucharists will be an organic expression of our common life and common prayer together. I invite you to experience St. Paul’s core values in a series of three Summer House Eucharists. This is taking our liturgy “on the road” literally to where our people live. These mid-week Eucharists are meant to be casual, meaning you can come from the office, the gym, the pool – come as you are. The liturgy of the church and the sacraments are remarkably portable, as anyone who has taken communion to the hospital or homebound well know. Experiencing the presence of Christ in a hospital room or home can transform a hospital tray or kitchen table into an altar of God’s presence.

My hope is that families will feel welcome to bring children, grandparents, and friends. My hope is that this might be an opportunity to invite a neighbor, friend, or colleague who might not be free to join us on Sundays, or for whom a traditional Sunday morning service is not familiar. In short, all are welcome at God’s table, whether that table is at the high altar, or at the kitchen table. God extends a warm welcome to all of us, may we also extend that invitation to others.

Following our simple Eucharist we will share a potluck meal together. If parishioners with last names A-L would bring a salad or appetizer, and last names M-Z a dessert or side dish, that will help fill out our menu. The church will provide a main dish. Please bring your own beverages.

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