Find out more about our Episcopal Congregation representing and affirming the Anglo-Catholic Tradition of the Episcopal Church

Founded in 1883 in San Antonio, Texas

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is an inclusive worshipping community of believers and seekers who prays for, welcomes, and nourishes all who search for God, in order to promote wholeness and growth.

O Jesus Christ, your life and resurrection are the foundation for our prayers, thoughts, and actions: Bless and prosper the parish of St. Paul’s in its working to make welcome all who would come to our community, that we may show the love of Christ to others; by the grace of your eternal Father and your holy, good, and life-giving spirit, now and forever. Amen.

  • Friendly – St.Paul’s seeks, greets, welcomes, and nurtures all who come, striving to know they by name.
  • Sacramental – Our worship and service are central to the Eucharistic life of St. Paul’s, acting as an outward expression of God’s love and grace.
  • Liturgical – We celebrate and honor the sacraments, using traditional rites of the church as expressed in The Book of Common Prayer.
  • Inclusive – We embrace and enter into relationship with all those whom God sends our way and actively reach out to the larger community.
  • Catholic – We are members of the great tradition of Christ’s One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, in all places and in all time. “We are Catholic, but not Roman; Evangelical, but not Protestant.”

Meet Our Wonderful team


Mr. Scott Flanagan, Senior Warden

Mr. Lando Morales, Junior Warden

Mrs. Beverly Wong, Treasurer

Ms. Lucy Adams

Ms. Madelyn Allen

Dr. Linda Cook

Mr. Adam Crawshaw

Mr. Don Forisha

Mrs. Phyllis Kraft

Dr. Heather Herschell

Mr. Ryan Michaels

Ms. Blanquita Sullivan

Mr. David White