Call For Council Delegates and Vestry Nominations

In November of each year our rector, Fr. Brad, calls an ad hoc nominations committee for the purpose of identifying parishioners who have gifts to serve our parish as vestry members, and/or as delegates to diocesan council. This committee is comprised of the rector, the vestry members whose terms are about to expire, as well as several members at large.

HOWEVER, it is very important to know that it is not up to this committee alone to nominate potential vestry candidates and/or diocesan council delegates. If you would like to nominate a member of the parish for one of these offices (or if you would like to put forth your own name), please submit their name to either Fr. Brad ( and/or Senior Warden Beverly Wong ( by the First Sunday of Advent (December 3rd).

Our parish vestry is comprised of nine members, each of whom are elected at the annual parish meeting to a three year term. We typically elect three new vestry members each year. However, because there was a vestry member who had to resign this year due to a geographical move, there is an extra vacancy for this unexpired term. That means at our annual parish meeting in January we will need to elect four new vestry members.

Diocesan council delegates are nominated, and then approved by the vestry. St. Paul’s typically gets either 4 or 5 delegates, the number of which are determined by our average Sunday attendance from the previous year. Diocesan council will take place this year in San Marcos on February 22-24.

Below you’ll find the job description for the role of a vestry member. Please pray and consider whether you, or someone you know might be called to this vital ministry of spiritual leadership in our parish.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Vestry Member


Assist the Rector and Wardens in providing leadership in both the business life and the spiritual life of the parish.

Vestry Member Responsibilities

Attend all Vestry meetings, retreats and annual meeting; notifying the Rector and/or Sr. Warden in advance of any planned absences

•Regularly attend worship services

•Regularly attend congregational events: coffee hours, meals, fundraisers, adult education programs, etc.

•Be active in and knowledgeable about the congregation, its programs and governance

•Manage funds and provide oversight of church finances and spending

•Support church stewardship, planned giving and fund raising

•Oversee and manage church property, improvements and construction

•Provide support for personnel matters

•Serve as a liaison between parish members, clergy and staff

•Exercise confidentiality and practice healthy, honest, open communication patterns

•Consciously consider and review all deliberations and actions of the Vestry in light of St. Paul’s mission statement: “St. Paul’s is an inclusive worshipping community of believers and seekers who prays for, welcomes and nourishes all who search for God, in order to promote wholeness and growth.”