Adult Forum

As we did last year, this year’s offerings will usually be a pair of subjects so that parishioners can choose to learn about what is of interest to them. Our number of ‘learners” mushroomed last year, and the committee looks forward to your participation and your feedback.

We began, on 25 September, to look at the Gospel of Matthew, as it is the primary gospel for Year A, which begins our new annual liturgical cycle in November. Stanford Adams and Greg Zuschlag are helping us to understand who Matthew was, why he wrote the gospel, and how it differs from the other three. Such insights help us to understand the gospels better when we hear them read, or read them ourselves.

Also on Sept. 25. we began an Introduction to the AnglicanCommunion, which we have called “Backpacking” through the Anglican Communion. This is not a world wide trip because we don’t have enough people to touch the Church wherever it is working, but with the help of Bp. Hibbs, the Rev. John Lewis, David White, and members of the congregation we will spend time looking at some parts of the worldwide Communion, how it operates in various places, meeting varied cultural norms and languages, and how it holds together.

Following these courses we will bring everyone together for a three week look at the issue of Stewardship.

Thanksgiving weekend and the month of December see us diving into the Importance of the words of Women in the Bible with Mother Karen, and conversations about Apocalyptic in the Bible and the Christian interpretation of the Messianic Prophecies of the Old Testament.